As the managing director of COME IN Schneider & Prohazka OG, Ilse Schneider served the following customers together with her team:
Allianz, VW Financial Services, AXA, Baxter, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Bank Central Asia, Bayer, Zürich Versicherung, BMW, Sweco, Ernst&Young, Xerox, Beeline Russia, LBS Immobilien, Ergo, Betonmast, Visma, Chemienova, Nokia, Lundbeck, VPV, Henkel, Astra Zeneca, Norsk Aften, Total, Huk Coburg, Realkredit Danmark, Novartis, Voith Hydro, Danske Bank, Jaguar Owners Club, Ferring, Nycomed

Ilse Schneider is a member of the following organisations:
Chamber of Commerce
Frau in der Wirtschaft
Slow Food
Club der Mostbarone
TCC Travelnetwork, Germany